Joining a co-op is a great way to give time to your child and others through participating in the learning and growing that takes place in the classroom!   Here is a summary of your responsibilities as a parent of a child attending WECP:

• Attend and participate in the classroom one day per week per class, or find a qualified substitute (your “workday”).  This involves helping children learn through play and follow the classroom routine.

• Attend mandatory Membership Meeting on the third Wednesday of each month, 6:30-8:30pm. We begin the meeting with an all-member business portion, followed by meeting with our individual classes for parent education with the assigned parent instructor.
• Sign up to perform a weekly Friday Cleaning at least once during the school year. Friday cleaning takes under 2 hours, and must take place on Fridays between 11:30 am-4:00 pm. Additionally, participate in either the group Mid-Year or End-of-Year Cleaning, as assigned by class. Children may not be present at these cleanings.
• Hold a supplemental classroom "job."  Average time commitment is 6 hours/year.  Some jobs require giving more time and/or commitment. The time may be spread out during the year or all done within a few weeks to month depending on the job assignment. Jobs include: board positions (elected annually); teacher’s assistant; parent meeting host; fundraising class representative; class photographer.
• Share in providing snacks for the children on a rotating basis.
• Lead an activity for your child’s class once a year ("parent enrichment"). This could be reading a favorite story, playing a musical instrument, leading a song or game, or sharing some other special talent with the class.
• Pay your monthly tuition on time.
• Each family is required help with co-op fundraising efforts and are asked to contribute or help raise $50/child.   
Specific fundraising projects are optional; families participate at the level they feel comfortable with.