Your responsibility as part of the preschool is to aid the Teacher on the days you work in the classroom by helping with projects, materials, engaging play and activities, organization, and cleaning.

1.  CLASSROOM WORKDAY: It is your responsibility to work in the classroom once a week. If two or more siblings are enrolled in the same class, a member might work once per week, provided the ratios are maintained. The following adult-to-child ratios must be maintained in order for class to be held: 

   ● 2s: 1 adult for every 2 children
         ● 3s: 1 adult for every 3 children
   ● Pre-K: 1 adult for every 5 children

It is your duty to provide a substitute when unable to attend, even in the event of an illness or vacation.  

PE   PERFORMING MEMBER JOB or BOARD POSITION. You are required to perform an assigned job for your class group or the whole preschool or you can serve on the Planning Board for the entire school year. Members with multiple children enrolled may be expected to hold multiple jobs dependent upon the needs of the school. 

Board Members: Attend monthly Planning Board meetings, held from 6:30-8:30 on the first Wednesday of each month, May through May. Board members are exempt from weekly classroom cleaning, mid-year, and year-end cleanings, and do not have to hold an additional member job. Board members also receive training and support from Edmonds Community College’s Family Life Education Department.


BRI BRINGING SNACK. The 2’s class and 3’s class members are required to provide a nutritious snack when scheduled, Pre-K students will bring their own lunch. Toddler and Preschool classes must be NUT FREE classrooms.

 CLASSROOM CLEANING. On Friday’s between 12-4:00 pm the classroom will be cleaned weekly and each member is asked to sign up once. The Pre-K class is responsible for the. Mid-Year cleaning and the 2s and 3s classes are responsible the for End of the Year cleaning.
 ENRICHMENT ACTIVITY. You are required to lead an Enrichment activity once, the teacher will help you determine these activities (reading a book, leading an art project, playing guitar, or teaching some special skill that you have).

 FUNDRAISING. You are required to contribute $50 profit per family for the first child, $25 profit for each additional child towards fundraising efforts. You are also required to work at 1 fundraising event during the year coordinated by the fundraiser coordinator. 

 SIBLINGS IN CLASS.  Infant siblings must be kept safe and in such a manner as to allow the member to participate in class (i.e. in a front pack or carrier). They must be contained in their carrier and not be put down, or you and your child will not be permitted to participate in class that day. For insurance purposes this will be strictly enforced.  Children who regularly (more than once a month) attend the preschool should be formally added to the list of enrolled children for the class they attend.